3 Vital Signs You Might Need Data Analytics Tools for Healthcare

3 Vital Signs You Might Need Data Analytics Tools for Healthcare

While marketing can be a creative endeavor, your marketing strategy should be based on data collected from data analytics tools for healthcare. Data analytics tools ensure your healthcare marketing resonates with your ideal clients. 

There are three vital signs it’s time to invest in these tools. 

Sign 1: You Don’t Have a Data Organization Strategy

With the amount of data in the digital marketing space, excel spreadsheets won’t cut it. If you want more accessible and accurate information on how your content is performing, data analytics tools are your best choice. They organize everything from how many people click on your website to which pages of your website are the most frequently visited. A good sign it’s time to switch over to a data analytic tool is if one or more of your employees spends copious time organizing data…or if you have no one or program to capture data at all!

Sign 2: You’re Ready to Take the Guesswork out of Healthcare Digital Marketing

An asset of many data analytics tools is the ability to provide predictive modeling. More robust tools can offer predictions about how online content will perform for days, months, or even years to come. Predictive power allows your healthcare marketing team or agency to plan ahead with more confidence in what will perform well and the overall trend for your marketing efforts. Knowing the trends and what will perform well can save you time (and trial and error) on crucial aspects of your marketing efforts, such as search engine optimization, creating social media content, what topics to cover in blogs and videos, and more.

Sign 3: You Want to Optimize Your Online Experience

Beyond providing predictive data, these tools also let you know what your current users think of your online content. A good data analytics tool will track bounce rates, what’s performing well and what isn’t, and what pages people frequently click out of. Data on what online content is engaging users and what isn’t can improve the online experience of potential clients who visit your website. It allows you to promote the content performing well, create content similar to that in the future, and troubleshoot content which turns people away from your brand. 

Are you ready to get started in data analytics? There are some great and free data analytics tools to get started, such as Google Analytics and Hubspot. However, if you want to maximize your data analysis, investing in a digital healthcare marketing agency can take your data analytics to the next level. 

Fogg media offers a starter package for healthcare professionals looking for a well-rounded marketing strategy. This program includes:

  • Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website, designed for Healthcare Practices
  • Website migration
  • Online Reputation Clean-up of Social Media Accounts and Google My Business Directory Listing
  • Google Analytics Set-up
  • 6 Custom Pages or Articles written for search (SEO)
  • 5 Hours of creative services for logo design/clean up, rack card advertisements, etc.
  • Access to Print and Promotional products at Wholesale costs

Fogg Media has been helping medical practices in the Carolinas and throughout the US to increase their visibility and drive patient conversions. If you’re struggling to get search visibility, or if your patients struggle to use your website, we’ve created a simple, straight-forward package deal that gives you exactly what you need to get started in the world of digital marketing. We offer targeted, optimized digital advertising services for healthcare, including Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google Ads, Search Engine Advertising, and more. Simply put, we’ll handle the behind-the-scenes digital marketing so you can get back to medicine. 

Learn more here: https://www.foggmedia.com/marketing-services/solo-practice-starter-package/

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