Print Marketing for Healthcare Companies

Print Advertising For Healthcare Companies: Does It Still Work?


Forget what you’ve heard…print marketing is still very much alive and kicking!

In fact, having physical marketing stationery is a great way to stand out in the busy and crowded world of the internet. 

Why Healthcare?

In the healthcare industry, there are often so many different treatments and options available. 

Before potential patients make a decision about the treatment that they need or are considering, they want to be well informed about what the treatment is, how it will affect them and what they should expect. 

Having your marketing in print in these circumstances can be the most effective way to reach potential new clients as it allows people to make informed decisions at their own speed. 

Why should you use print marketing?

It boosts your credibility as a company 

How important is it that your printed advertising is done well? 


Poorly printed documents can actually damage your reputation. 

Well printed advertisement, on the other hand, goes a long way to showing potential clients the legitimacy, trust and quality of your company. It shows how much you value potential clients and their health in showing them clearly what choices they have available to them.  

What can we offer you? 

A sample of the healthcare advertising solutions we provide are: 

  • Stationery 
  • Letters
  • Advertisements 
  • Posters 

Branded advertising documents in high-quality print attract more customers. We can help you to establish your brand as an expert in your field.  

Encourages people to take action 

Print advertising lasts longer than an online advert or graphic.  

When someone is browsing online, the chance of reaching them are often slight and slim. You only have a miniscule amount of time available to make an impact before they have simply scrolled on by! 

Emails you send may go unread and your well-crafted written content posted online goes unread. 

Having marketing in print gives potential customers the chance to read at their own leisure, think about your services and come back to it time after time until they are ready to make a decision. 

It encourages people to take action! 

Makes you stand out! 

In a world where everything is online, having physical stationery and posters to advertise makes you stand out from the crowd. 

We are now in a position where it is unique to have physical stationery and therefore people appreciate it and find it novel. 

The fact that you are willing to invest in high-quality, printed marketing documents show that you believe in your company and that your company is doing well. 

It shows that you value those considering using your healthcare company. 

Why choose print marketing for your healthcare company?

Making a choice about your healthcare is not as simple and easy as buying clothes or shopping on Amazon. 

It is something your customers are going to want to know a lot about before you make a decision. Potential clients want to take their time thinking about what they want. 

Ideally, the best strategy is to have a good presence both digitally and in print so that you can target the widest audience and create the most leads. 

Interested in finding out more about printed advertising? Get in touch and we can help you! 

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