Get Your Healthcare Practice Seen

8 out of 10 healthcare-related searches start online.

More than half of Americans trust the internet for their medical advice just as much as they trust their doctors. Pew Research Center reports that 82% of Americans read reviews and trust them to guide their opinions.

That means that your site, visibility, and reviews are vital for your healthcare practice.

Being able to manage all of these assets in your digital marketing can be daunting, stressful, and frustrating. If you’ve spent your professional life working on perfecting your practice, learning about medicine, and trying to learn about the top business practices, you may be spread thin.

We can help you get back to medicine.

Does your practice have room to improve on digital marketing? Ask yourself:

  • When you search for your business or businesses like it, what results come up?
  • How does your website compare to your competitors?
  • Can your patients find and easily use your website?
  • How do your business listings look? Are your reviews positive?
  • Does your website load quickly? Do users get frustrated when they access your website?
  • Is your website out-of-date or in need of a refresh?
  • Is your website mobile-friendly? How does it look on patients’ phones?

If you’re struggling to get search visibility, or if your patients struggle to use your website, we’ve created a solution that can help get up-to-date.

Fogg Media’s Digital Marketing Solo Package – a One Stop Shop

Fogg Media has been helping medical practices in the Carolinas and throughout the US to increase visibility of top medical practices in their local service area.

We created a simple, straight-forward package deal that gives you exactly what you need to get started in the world of digital marketing.

Who It’s Best For
  • Single-physician practices
  • Dentists
  • Single-Location Specialists
  • Independent Physician Practices
  • Therapists & Counselors
  • Independent Psychiatrists
  • Chiropractic and Acupuncture Providers
What’s Included
  • Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website, designed for Healthcare Practices
  • Website migration
  • Online Reputation Clean-up of Social Media Accounts and Google My Business Directory Listing
  • Google Analytics Set-up
  • 6 Custom Pages or Articles written for search (SEO)
  • 5 Hours of creative services for logo design/clean up, rack card advertisements, etc.
  • Access to Print and Promotional products at Wholesale costs

Cost & Timeline
  • 6 Months for a full set-up, clean-up and analysis
  • Starting at $7,500

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