What You Need to Know About Healthcare Video Marketing in 2022

What You Need to Know About Healthcare Video Marketing in 2022

When it comes to healthcare marketing, video content is becoming more and more prominent and shows no signs of slowing down. Both short form and long form video content can be an asset to your digital marketing strategy. Here are some best practices when it comes to video and what you need to know about healthcare video marketing in 2022.

Long Form Content vs Short Form Content

Before 2020, if someone referred to online videos, they were most likely referencing the horizontal, 5-15 minute videos on YouTube and Facebook. However, with the popularity of Tiktok and Instagram Reels, these long form videos aren’t the only form of online video anymore.

Long form video content refers to the traditional, horizontal videos which are still popular on certain platforms including YouTube and Facebook. They are a great genre to tell your story in more depth or develop better rapport with your audience with extra detail.

Short form video content refers to the shorter 5-15 second vertically shot content that is popular on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts. This style of content is faster to shoot, easier to edit, and often reaches a larger audience than long form content because people tend to consume more of it.

Video Filming Best Practices

If video is new to you but you don’t have video equipment, you’re in luck! Gone are the days when you needed a professional studio to film video. However, there are some best practices to consider for your video:  

  • Lighting: Use natural lighting and if you’re filming inside, have the subject of your video look into the sunlight coming in through a nearby window. If you’re filming outside, film in the morning before the sun is directly overhead. If you don’t have access to natural light, consider investing in a ring light.
  • Noise: Minimize background noise and try to shoot at a quieter time of day. In general, it will be easier to control background noise if you shoot inside instead of outside.
  • Get straight to the point: Especially for short form content, but even for long form content, people want you to get right to the point or they will be less likely to watch your video. Grab their attention right away by using the word “you” and promising results. For example, a general practitioner creating a video about why someone should get the flu shot could say at the beginning of their video “Your flu shot could save your life and the lives of those around you.”

Video Editing Best Practices

If you’re editing short form video content, you can use TikTok or Instagram’s in-app editing programs or get a free editing app like CapCut. For longer form videos, you might want to invest in Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. When you’re editing your own videos as a beginner editor, it’s best to keep your editing as simple as possible edit out only errors or long pauses.

Video content creation can take considerable time. If you’d like expertise and to save time, consider hiring a digital marketing agency to create and implement video into your healthcare marketing strategy.

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