17 Powerful Words to Use in Your Healthcare Writing

17 Powerful Words to Use in Your Healthcare Writing

Even in a world saturated with video content, words will drive your healthcare marketing because they’re essential to stand out on any already-crowded platform. 

But not all words are created equal. Some can have more sway over your potential clients and customers.

A key part of a successful healthcare marketing plan is healthcare writing. Use these 17 powerful words in your blogs, emails, and social media posts to inspire action.

The Five Most Effective Marketing Words

Here are five of the most effective words from the field of copywriting to add to your healthcare writing:

  1. You: Always make your healthcare writing about the reader. 
  2. Because: In a psychological study, people were 90-94% more likely to do a favor for a stranger if the stranger used the word “because” in their ask.
  3. Free: People love free stuff. However, this word should only be used when not misleading.
  4. New: Humans crave novelty, so don’t be afraid to highlight what’s new and different.
  5. Instantly: In a world of instant gratification, show the immediate benefit.

Powerful Words to Inspire Action

Inviting the user to take clear action can deliver a punch to your healthcare writing. Try these words to encourage your user to take action:

  1. Explore: Invite customers to explore if a specific product or service is best for them.
  2. Compare: Highlighting how a product or service compares to your other offers (or even the competition) shows a customer why this specific offer is best for them.
  3. Get: Show what benefits the offer will add to your customer’s life.

Words that Establish Credibility and Expertise 

It can also be effective to establish credibility of your brand. Highlight your experience and expertise with these three words:

  1. Expert: Demonstrate your expertise and how this enhances your offers
  2. Featured in: Press can be a great tool to show your credibility and what others are saying about your offers.
  3. Proven: Especially in healthcare, people love evidence that something works. 

Words to Demonstrate Your Benefits

Demonstrate how your brand benefits the audience with these words:

  1. Easy: In today’s busy world, simplicity and saving time are huge benefits.
  2. Secret: Everyone loves to be in on a secret. Highlight if there are secret elements your competitors’ products and services don’t offer.
  3. For example: Anecdotes allow your customers to visualize the impact of your offer. Show examples as well as listing the benefits. 
  4. Save: Show what your offer will save your customers, whether time, money, or something else.

Words to Create Urgency

Along with discussing your offers’ benefits, highlighting your credibility, and encouraging users to act, sprinkle in some urgency to invite your ideal customers or clients to act now, rather than later:

  1. Limited: Create a sense of urgency by showing how your offer is limited.
  2. Now: Convince customers to purchase today. For example, a doctor could invite future patients to schedule their appointment now.

Finally, here’s one of the biggest secrets to healthcare writing – talk like your audience! Powerful words are great, but only if you use them how your audience would. Your writing should be easy to understand for your audience and avoid medical jargon.

If you’d like to learn more about how your healthcare writing can establish credibility, show the benefit of your offers, create urgency, and motivate customers to act, check out how Fogg Media can help.

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