Fractional CMO Services for Healthcare

The Benefit of a CMO, Without the Cost of a CMO

For many doctors, surgeries, and hospitals, the financial cost of a dedicated chief marketing officer (CMO) is prohibitive. And yet, the benefits are clear. Client retention and acquisition, effective messaging, and an optimized digital strategy are vital for business growth, but without senior specialist leadership, it’s difficult to maximize the return from your marketing budget.

A Fractional CMO for healthcare businesses is a powerful way to implement growth without the overheads of a top-level in-house executive. Medical practices can focus on their core work — providing care to patients — knowing that specialist contract CMOS for medical companies are working to devise and implement strategies to attract the right profile of patients for your practice.

Stephen Fogg is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Fogg Media

SEO for Healthcare

A place at the top of a search engine’s organic results is your business’s most valuable piece of real estate. The smartphone revolution has entirely changed the way people search and access local businesses, and healthcare is no different. Best practices for high local visibility are continually evolving, so stay ahead of the curve with a marketing team that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), so you can be visible to the patients who need care.

Website and Mobile Optimization

Your website is a big aspect of the user experience. Clear messaging and a user-friendly interface, married with optimization for mobile users, are significant factors in accessing the type of search engine visibility that drives growth. Also, ADA compliance is a must for any healthcare business with a digital presence. We can design or develop your website and brand to fit the criteria required for the maintenance and acquisition of new and current patients with solutions that work for your specific field.

Social Media and Email Marketing

Your social media presence can be used in several ways to attract potential clients and engage and maintain your current list. Blog posts, emails, and a Facebook presence will put you in front of people who are interested in your service and your expertise — which will help grow your practice’s reputation and ranking. Depending on which services your business provides, email marketing is a great tool to connect with clients to keep them abreast of developments and offers.

Reputation Management

With online reviews becoming as influential to potential clients as a personal recommendation, proactive management of your online reputation is vital for most healthcare organizations. A strategy for encouraging current patients to leave remarks that will help your business and processes to manage harmful or malicious reviews is critical. A good CMO marketing team can get out in front of these issues and ensure that your practice gets the online reputation it deserves.

A specialist CMO gives you the guidance and strategies needed to achieve incremental growth and maintenance. But recruiting a permanent c-suite executive might not be the right choice for you right now or in your current budget. This is why practices are increasingly turning to Healthcare Fractional CMOs to give them the benefits of a CMO, but at a fraction of the cost.

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