4 Website Essentials Your Healthcare Website Needs to Have

4 Website Essentials Your Healthcare Website Needs to Have

Designing a website doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, a simple website can be more user-friendly and attract more website visitors to your healthcare practice. The simpler the better is a great rule of thumb in the world of websites. Here are four pages that healthcare practices should have at minimum to have a great website. 


Your homepage is the first thing customers will see. As a first impression, it should reflect your healthcare practice’s brand and values. Consider including your mission statement, a little about your brand, and a call to action to explore different pages on your website or to contact your office. While it’s important to optimize each page for search engines and to focus on the visual design, graphics and SEO are especially important for your homepage.

About Page

The about page allows people to dive further into your brand. This page is especially helpful to newer visitors who are unfamiliar with your healthcare practice.

Don’t be afraid to tell a story on your about page. Share the beginning and middle of your healthcare journey as well as where your business is currently. And get personal – prospective patients or customers often enjoy learning the backstory of your company or why you decided to go into practice.


While this page might look significantly different depending on your offerings, it’s great to give people an idea of what services you provide. Working with a digital marketing agency can also make sure the language around your offerings is cohesive and makes sense to the average person.

Contact Page

You don’t want visitors to be interested in your offerings, only to be confused about how to contact you! To make it clear how you can be contacted, consider adding a contact page with:

  • Your address so current patients know where to go for their appointments
  • Your phone number or preferred communication channel for booking appointments or asking questions
  • A business email for media and others who might want to collaborate with you
  • Any social media links where people can stay connected with your practice

It doesn’t matter how fancy your website is. What matters is how easy it is for users to navigate your website and find the pages they want. With these four web pages, you’ll be off to a good start providing website visitors and prospective new patients with a clear, navigable experience.

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